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Below are details of some of our regular activities. Please note that some of these activities are not running at the moment in line with current guidelines relating to COVID-19.  The contact details, locations, and timings for those activities which are still taking place can be found on our Events page and in our monthly Newsletter. If you are not a member and would like more information before joining, please email us at : 


Membership Secretary:

Painting of a village

Art Group

The Art group meets armed with acrylic or water colours and paper, sometimes helped with photos from magazines when we run out of inspiration. We have our own artist member too.

Absolute beginners or experienced artists are welcome.We help each other out but, of course, have our own styles.

Group meets on Tuesday mornings.

Book Exchange

We organise regular book exchanges once a week in Paris and once a month in the banlieue. The banlieue book exchanges are organised in members' homes, with a cup of tea and a chat thrown in.  

The monthly Newsletter gives members all necessary details.

Book discussion groups

The Group Organiser's details are given in each monthly Newsletter. BCWA members are active readers! At present we have three lively book discussion groups, one in Paris and two in the banlieue.

The Paris group meets in various cafés in Paris, usually in the afternoon of the third or fourth Monday of each month.

The West of Paris book discussion group meets in members' homes on the second Tuesday of each month. Each member of the group selects a book in September and then hosts the meeting during which the book she chose is discussed. She also serves a light lunch.

The Paris and suburbs book discussion group meets on the second Wednesday of the month. Here again, the meetings take place in members' homes for lunch and discussion.

Bridge Groups

The Monday Bridge Group is a relaxed and friendly group that meets at various members' homes in and around Paris. There’s always a tea break with cakes and biscuits but, on special occasions, something stronger is served. We’d love to welcome new members so please get in touch!"

The Thursday Beginners’ Bridge Group plays at Marys' home every Thursday morning.

Please let Mary know directly if you wish to join her group.

The Saturday Bridge Group meets once a month for bridge, including lunch or dinner, in each other’s homes.

Numbers are limited. Any member wishing to participate should contact Anne for details of timing and location.

Full contact details are available in the Newsletter

Forest Walkers

A small group meets throughout the year every Monday morning at one of two locations in the forest of Saint Germain-en- Laye. We meet at 9.20 am and arrive back about 10.30 am. We would gladly welcome some new walkers. If you are interested please contact Elspeth .

French/English Conversation and French for Beginners

The Conversation Group usually meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday afternoons of the month at 2.30 pm. Participants take turns in hosting the meeting in their homes.

The Beginners’ French Group usually meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm in different locations.

Details of contact information for both these activities are in the Newsletter


Golf is an all-year-round activity.So whatever the season please come and join the BCWA golf group. We play on Tuesdays at 10am in different golf clubs southwest of Paris.

Details of contact information are in the Newsletter.

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BCWA Happy Hour 

On the first Wednesday each month we meet for a drink from 5pm to 7pm at a Cafe in Place Georges Pompidou, Levallois (metro N° 3 Pont de Levallois).

All are welcome.

Details of contact information are in the Newsletter.


Join us every Thursday at 1.30pm for this very popular game. All levels are played at once but it is fun and we have a chance to chat and have refreshments too.

We meet in a different members' home each week

Details of contact information are in the Newsletter.


The Needlecraft group is a joint activity with the Women’s International Club ( Le WIC de Paris), so there are members from both groups. The only “qualifying requirement “ to join is that you bring along some work involving “needles”. This can be any form of sewing, such as patchwork, cross-stitch, embroidery, tapestry work, etc. Knitting or crochet is also welcome as these, of course, also use “needles”. 

At various times, members have been making curtains, altering hems on skirts or trousers, making Christmas decorations...or even working on a Portuguese tapestry carpet!

The group meets every Wednesday from 11am till around 5pm, meeting in each other’s homes, where the hostess of the day provides a light lunch. Those who wish to can also finish off the day with a gin and tonic. We are a friendly group and would be very pleased to welcome new members.

Points of View - The BCWA's discussion group

Monthly meeting at Member's home.
It's well known - a good laugh does wonders for one's well being, but then so does a rousing 
argument. Once a month join us between 5 pm and 7 pm over a drink just for that.

See Newsletter for host's name and meeting details.

Newcomers Coffee Time

Our designated “Newcomers’ Coffee” is open to all members; it is a lovely opportunity to meet ladies who may be new to Paris or just new to the BCWA.

Please come along and have a chat. Lunch is also available after 12.00 for those who wish to stay on .


Scrabble is played in different locations on Friday afternoons. Come along for a chat with some weird words!

Details of contact information are in the Newsletter. 

Themed Lunches

Every month we have a lunch in the clubhouse based on a receipe from another country.

Our wonderful cooks will prepare you 2 or 3 courses often accompanied with wine. Come along, meet some friends, experience a thrill to your tastebuds!

Full details are in the monthly Newsletter.


Our wonderful guided visits take place each month and location details will be found on the Newsletter.

There is limited availability on this activity so make sure you sign up fast!


Every month we take a walk somewhere interesting with one of our members who will explain the history of our locations. Sometimes it is in the city other times outside.

We walk regardless of the weather and try to end somewhere for an aperitif !

Come join us.


On Fridays from 10:00 to 11:30, a small group meets to practise hatha yoga.  This is a friendly and informal class that both energises and relaxes.
We are fortunate in having two experienced teachers: One is trained in the Iyengar tradition and the other, offers occasional classes for relaxation and de-stressing.

All ages and standards welcome! 

See monthly Newsletter for organiser's name and more details..


The British and Commonwealth Women's Association

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